Our Mission And Our Vision

Our Mission

The mission is:

Working together for success to create tomorrow’s medical leaders

One of the biggest challenges doctors face after post-graduation is the leadership role they must take in their professional lives. We work closely with every student to provide excellent teaching and unconditional support beyond the scope of these courses. We encourage our students to execute cultural, ethical and technological strengths, so they can be groomed with rich skills and styles necessary to become effective leaders. The sum total of excellence of our mentor, staff and students is our greatest strength which is integral and vital to our mission.

Our courses are developed with the focus on four significant behaviours consistently demonstrated by high impact leaders:

  • Defining clear goals and a vision in accordance to aims to be achieved
  • Creating blueprints for action to achieve those goals
  • Using appropriate communication skills to build trust, encourage forward thinking and create enthusiasm within the team
  • Getting the right people involved

Our Vision

Our vision is the catalyst for our progress because it is bold, comprehensive and action-oriented.

An ultimate online platform to empower worldwide students through unparalleled services.

With this vision we aim to accomplish three profound outcomes:

1: Ultimate online platform:

Convenience is our prime focus for our students who are high-profile doctors with established professional practices. Our prime goal is to deliver world-class learning experience to them, right at their doorsteps. Incorporating research on long-distance teaching and learning methodologies is the ultimate target to achieve this goal.

2: Empower worldwide students:

Our courses, although originally designed for MRCOG, have already proven to be valuable for MRCPI, Australian Board, Arab Board, Kenyan Board, and a few other postgraduate exams in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. We have a clear vision of our role as internationally distinguished providers of fundamental skills in written and oral exams and will continue to strive towards excellence.

3: Unparalleled Services:

BeMRCOG traditionally provides enriching student-centred learning with a distinct supportive climate sensitive to their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. We view ourselves as indispensable partners in our students’ academic journey during the daunting study, by fortifying the quality of their life with these services.

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